Getting Started

Holigo App for Wordpress Blogs

The Holigo App is a mobile application that takes your Wordpress site to the Apple and Google app stores. The app stands out with a modern, crisp design and a number of features that guarantee a uniquely new experience to your readers, such as:

  • A modern look & feel that makes the app stand out from other Wordpress apps on the market.

  • Push notifications sent directly from your Wordpress backend.

  • Provide readers offline access to their favourite articles.

  • Offer your readers a personalised experience.

The app is build on top of the React Native framework and written with Typescript. This guarantees a single, solid codebase for iOS and Android that is easy to maintain and quick to understand by any experienced programmer familiar with React.

Please refer to our documentation for extensive information and instructions on how to setup and personalise your own application.

Quick Test

Before purchasing the app, I'd love to give you a chance to try and test the application on your won device