Getting Started

React Native Share Photo & Video Sharing App With Backend

React Native Share Back End App is a full-fledged mobile application that comes with complete backend support.

The client-side application is built with React Native and Expo and stands out with its colourful and original design and countless features, including photo and video sharing, social features (liking, commenting, sharing, following, etc.), user statistics dashboard and more.

The app is implemented using Redux and Redux-Saga state management, the React Hooks API, and PropTypes type-checking. Expect nothing less than clean, organised and well-documented code that is free of bugs.

The app's core features include, but are not limited to, an interactive news feed, composing of new posts and comments, uploading camera photos, videos and library images, liking and sharing of posts, a personal profile, complete authentication flow - that includes password rest and account recovery screens - a user statistic dashboard screens, and more.

The app's back end provides an API driven by the JavaScript Node.js runtime, a mongoDB-cloud database and hosted on Heroku. This tech stack allows for scalability as more users start using the app and to keep initial cost of funning the app to a minimum. In fact, to get the app's back end up and running is entirely free of charge if you follow the installation steps outlined in these docs.

Quick Test

Before purchasing the app, we give you the chance to try and test the application on Expo App Store.

  • Download Expo Client on your android/iOS device from here

  • Open your phone camera and scan the following QR code (Android Only) . For iOS, please drop me a message at [email protected] to help you out testing the app on iOS devices:

  • Expo Client will run the app for you to test and play with.

  • You are ready to go!